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The year 2015 represented a turning point for China’s information and communication technology (ICT) sector as new cybersecurity regimes enacted in previous years started to take shape.

Cybersecurity policies directly affect the ability of companies to export and sell ICT products in China’s commercial and public sectors. China escalated its emphasis on cybersecurity with the establishment in February 2014 of the Central Leading Group for Cybersecurity and Informatisation, headed by President Xi Jinping. Under the lead of the Cyberspace Administration of China (CAC), relevant government agencies have since started legislative work within their respective areas.

In view of such an increasingly strengthened regulatory environment in China, in February 2016, the Cybersecurity Sub-working Group was established under the European Chamber’s Information and Communication Technology Working Group. The sub-working group is comprised of world-leading European companies from a wide range of industries that are concerned by China’s cybersecurity policies.

The sub-working group focuses on the (draft) Cybersecurity Law, the Counter-terrorism Law and any extension of such policies into banking, insurance and other industries, by means of developing position papers and engaging in meetings with government officials. It also builds leverage with other stakeholders including industry associations, chambers of commerce, think-tanks and media.

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