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2017-03-06 | Shanghai

Shanghai Lawyer: The memoirs of America’s China Spymaster

Doug Clark presented his recently released book “Shanghai Lawyer” giving insights about the rich life of Shanghai Lawyer Allman and the law situation in early to mid 20th century.

The law system back then was way more complex than it is today: 19 different legal systems depending on the nationality. In times of changing regulations and laws, lawyers were highly needed and he was able to make a fortune. Allman was involved in different lawsuits with successful results. In the “Murder on the Bund” case he was representing a murderer and achieved two years for man slaughter instead of 20 years prison.

Allman also worked as a diplomat, judge, soldier and spy for the CIA. Besides, he almost became a movie producer while being in charge of finding Chinese actors with English skills.

Doug Clark went through public and personal archives and talked to relatives of Allman to recover his whole life story.

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