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2017-02-23 | Nanjing

Nanjing Position Paper Launch & Government Dialogue

On 21st January, 2017 , the European Union Chamber of Commerce in China  released theEuropean Business in China – Nanjing Position Paper 2016/2017 (Nanjing Position Paper). In it, the Nanjing Chapter of the European Chamber calls for further openness to foreign investment in Nanjing and Jiangsu, as well as fair market competition and enforcement of government regulations. It is hoped that the Nanjing Position Paper will help to facilitate increased dialogue between local government and foreign business and will lead improved operating conditions for foreign companies invested in the region. 

Before the Launch, Mr. Huang Lan, Vice Mayor of Nanjing Municipal Government met with Mr. Bernhard Weber, Chair of Nanjing Chapter Board.

In the Opening Session, Mr. Huang Lan greeted everyone and opens the event.

Then Mr. Bernhard Weber Presented The Nanjing Position Paper, highlighting the key findings and comparing it with National Position Paper.

The next session is Panel Discussion moderated by Ms. Petra Grandinson, Member of European Chamber Nanjing Board.

Mr. Adam Dunnett, Secretary General of European Union Chamber of Commerce in China, introduced Chamber's Brussels Circuit, and presented on European business trends and perceptions toward China.

Mr. Zou Weike, Vice director of the NanjingCommerce Bureau then presented on the improving business environment in Nanjing, highlighting the city’s current position, advantages and structure forbusiness.

Mr. Patrick Wilburn, General Manager of Celanese(Nanjing) Diversified Chemical Co. Ltd presented on the outlook for the chemical industry. In his presentation, he highlighted the critical nature of values in fostering a positive and sustainable business environment within Nanjing.

Mr. Gu Jiandang, President of Phoenix Contact(China) Holding Co., Ltd presented on Phoenix’s role in facilitating intelligent manufacturing within Nanjing.Phoenix leads the development of a smarteco-system for manufacturing and business through meaningful and smart manufacturing.

Mr. Qiao Cuicong, Vice Director of Nanjing Economic and Information Committee, presented on the development of Nanjing’s smart manufacturing industry. He outlined the government’s support policies for SMEs and the role of the chemical industry.

Mr. Helmut Gusten, General Manager of emzHanauer(Nanjing) Co., Ltd presented on enhancing support for SMEs. He introduces the major role of SMEs in Europe, what they offer China, and the current situation of business in China dominated by large companies.

In the Q&A, questions focused on the future development of Nanjing, overcoming the issues of protectionism emerging in Europe, government support for companies in Nanjing moving toward smart manufacturing and what Nanjing can do to attract more SMEs.

In the afternoon took place Nanjing Municipal Government Dialogue. Members are divided into four groups to communicate with government officials over different issues. Panels are:

1) AC Member GM Discussion 

2) Sourcing & Manufacturing and Energy & Environment 

3) HR and Improving Business Environment in Nanjing 

4) Finance and Taxation