Meeting with the Hunan HFPC on Local Implementation of the Healthcare Reform

2018-05-10 | Beijing

Meeting with the Hunan HFPC on Local Implementation of the Healthcare Reform

A delegation of the Healthcare Equipment (HCE) Working Group met Mr Chen Xiaochun, director of Hunan HFPC and four of heads of department to discuss the local implementation of the healthcare reform.

The discussion focused on three topics:

The Online procurement system started to operate in early 2018. Until late 2018, procurement of 13 groups of consumable medical devices shall be completely transacted on a transparent online procurement platform. Hunan cooperates with Shaanxi and other provinces in compiling the standard procurement catalogue. The procurement platform lists the maximum price of each product, hospitals may enter into a second round of price negotiations.

The 'Two-invoice system' was implemented for drugs starting in the second half of 2017. Hunan HFPC is now assessing the impact. For the moment, Hunan HFPC does not plan a large-scale implementation of the 'two-invoice system' for medical devices, but a few trial city may start trials in 2018.

Case-based payment for 106 common diseases was started in 2017, the provincial healthcare insurance typically pays around 80% of the treatment fee. Special expensive parts of a treatment like implantable medical devices are calculated separately. The affect of case-based payment on hospitals and patients is assessed.

Re-organisation of the government shall be completed in late 2018.

Both sides agreed to continue to a regular dialogue.