Meeting with Deputy Director General Zhou of NDRC on Urban Planning

2017-06-11 | Beijing, Shanghai

Meeting with Deputy Director General Zhou of NDRC on Urban Planning

Ms Zhou Nan, Deputy Director General of the Department of Planning of the National Development and Reform Commission (NDRC), was invited to have an exclusive meeting with Mr Javier Lopez, National Chair of Chamber's Construction Working Group on urban planning and the development of construction industry.

Mr Javier Lopez started this meeting by expressing the idea of intensifying the cooperation between the Chamber and the NDRC through more work-level communication.  He pointed out that it is high time for the development of China's new type of urbanisation and the Chamber would be more than happy to contribute European experience, technology know-how and policy perspectives to China's ubran planning. 

Ms Zhou Nan agreed on the proposal and would like to strenghthen the relationship with the Chamber and European business in China.  She mentioned that the Department of Planning would focus on the planning and implementation of the following three tasks during the 13th Five Year Plan period: the development of featured towns in China, the development of urban agglomeration and the establishment of other new type of urbanisation such as smart cities, low-carbon cities and green cities.  She further pointed out that in the second half of 2017, NDRC will conduct mid-term review on the new type of urbanisation scheme and release notices on more opportunities and projects regarding urbanisation.

Ms Zhou Nan also proposed to organise roundtable dialogue with the Chamber on the above three tasks and exchange ideas and experiences on urban planning.  Furthermore, she would like to attend to the concerns and questions for specific construction projects raised by the Chamber's member companies.

Mr Javier Lopez concluded this meeting by presenting the Chamber's Business Confidence Survey 2017 and seeking comments from the Department of Planning of NDRC.