EURObiz Issue 42 (January/February 2018)


There is a crucial disconnect between policy and enforcement when it comes to intellectual property rights (IPR). Despite recent improvement with the introduction of intellectual property (IP) courts in certain cities across China, a lack of long-term legal reform and strong trademark enforcement has made European businesses wary of entering China’s market. To put foreign businesses at ease, the European Chamber continues to advocate for a Chinese IPR regime that aligns with global standards. To better understand this issue, European Chamber members have contributed articles to EURObiz on a number of different issues relating to IP, including the effects of China Manufacturing 2025, the new Anti-unfair Competition Law and recent restrictions on e-commerce in China. Also featured in this issue:

  • a Chinese perspective on the next transportation disruption;
  • what the revised internet domain registration rules mean for foreign businesses using Chinese Internet, and;
  • the European Chamber’s Annual Conference on China’s rise and the new contradiction.

English Version (PDF)